Wound Care Nursing Certification in America

Hospitals of all around the world surely need wound care nursing. This wound care nursing performs wound treatment to the patients from precise observation and evaluation to a treatment plan follow up action. This treatment may consist of debridement, a clinical removal from unknown material and dead tissue from a wound, cleaning, and bandaging.

The urgencies of well procedure wound care nursing encourage nurses who want to pursue an accreditation to be a professional in the field by taking wound care nursing certification. America as a country which appears as fast and reliable technology and health care developer, facilitates this certification upon some credential organizations. There are National Alliance of Wound Care and Ostomy; Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nursing Certification Board; and American Board of Wound Management.

Wound Care Nursing

The fact that wound care nursing certification by those organizations will be granted with certificate approved by NCCA or National Commission for Certifying Agencies. As a matter of fact, the certifications offered by each of them are different one to another. National Alliance of Wound Care and Ostomy provides WCC (Wound Care Certified), DWC (Diabetic Wound Certified), LLE (Lymph edema Lower Extremity Certified), and OMS (Ostomy Management Specialist). Ostomy and Continence Nursing Certification Board provides CWCN (Certified Wound Care Nurse), and advanced practice credentialing in wound Meanwhile, American Board of Wound Management provides CWS (Certified Wound Specialist) and CWCA (Certified Wound Care Associate). Nevertheless, to bear in mind that although those wound care nursing certification organizations are accredited by same certifying agencies, they have different eligibility, certification and renewal fees.

No matter which organizations or certification is chosen, wound care nursing certification is expected to equip the wound care nurses to some wound care nurses professional knowledge and competency in giving their best treatment to patients. Once they are granted with the certificate, they are foreseen to be able to observe, treat, and evaluate the patients’ wound and prevent for worse condition. It is done to reduce the rate of pain and agony which can lead to other indication.

Lastly, wound care nursing certification is paralyzed if the fail to put the wound care nursing into its contribution to make better quality of patients’ condition through their treatment to minimize possible harmful consequences a wound can do. Therefore, these wound care nursing certification organizations which offer various specialty certifications in America are positively support a good quality treatment in hospitals.

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