Transplant Nursing Certification in Kansas

Transplant Nursing Certification – Saying “nobody is perfect” is implementable into various thing. It can also be implemented into human organs that sometimes are not perfect. Different with our other body parts like hand or foot, imperfectness of them sometimes can be replaced by imitation body parts or we can take them for granted but they cannot function fully. Our organs such as kidney, heart, liver, and some more, sometimes can be attacked by disease or naturally is imperfect.  Therefore, hospitals highly serve people to do the transplantation to support their life in giving full function of organs or worse, to help them safe from disease suffers them.

Transplant nurses help patients in donating and receiving organs, either informing the risks that may occur in short or long term or explain and assist the patients of the transplant procedure. Transplant nursing certification will give them advantages in performing best service and qualified commitment towards their job since their job in transplant nursing is important job for the patients’ life. In addition, transplant nursing certification can be taken under The American Board for Transplant Certification (ABTC) which based in Kansas. Some specialized certification in transplant nursing also offered by ABTC. They are CCTC (Certified Clinical Transplant Coordinator), CCTN (Certified Clinical Transplant Nurse), CPTC (Certified Procurement Transplant Coordinator), and CTP (Certified Transplant Preservationist) in which the certification programs are accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA).

Certification for Transplant Nursing

Certification for Transplant Nursing

Transplant Nursing Certification Exam

Transplant nursing certification exam will encompasses the human body physiology and the various systems of it and things relate to the condition of the donors and the patients. Transplant nursing certification exam also will assess other competency of the professional responsibilities such as transplant research, ethical issues, and some guidelines or educations. This qualification may take thought of the nurses to the predicted outline of the examination.

  • Medical monitoring techniques
  • Technique applications
  • Therapies relate to some health issues
  • Knowledge of most often meet in transplant nursing such as antimicrobials, insulin, fluid intake,  analgesics, and some medications
  • Dialysis of the transplantation

Upon the completion of the transplant nursing certification, the certified transplant nurses will be able to perform qualified service that may include:

  • Medical record collecting
  • Organ lab test and matching
  • Assist the transplant procedure from the initial till the end
  • Monitor the patient’s condition after the transplantation surgery

Those qualification and service can be performed also put transplant nurses to the position in assisting the medical team and operative care. They not only can help people in certain area in Kansas but anybody in the world where the certified transplant nurses are.


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