TNCC Nursing Certification in Missouri and California

TNCC (Trauma Nurse Core Course) is a two day course or 16 hour course which provides core trauma cognitive knowledge and psychomotor skills associated with the implementation of trauma nursing procedures upon trauma patients for the better service. TNCC nursing certification is designed to provide a reliable certification that can prove an enhancement of cognitive skills, technical skills, and some basic knowledge of related nursing. Therefore, TNCC is presented through lectures and hands-on skill stations that encompass the assessment, evaluation, and treatment of injured patients.

Almost all TNCC has prerequisite to be met by the nurses who are going to participate. In one of health center in California, not only registered nurse license is required, but they also recommend that the participant have more or less six months clinical nursing practice experience in an emergency nursing. It is intended as the requirement from Trauma Nurse Core Course upon the participants who are already familiar with some basic knowledge in emergency nursing area.

TNCC Nursing Certification

TNCC Nursing Certification Fields:

Some of Trauma Nurse Core Course (TNCC) content:

  • Trauma nursing
  • Injuries
  • Assessment of the initial condition of patient
  • Airway and ventilation
  • Some kinds of trauma such as brain and abdominal trauma
  • Some kinds of patients that maybe taken care by the trauma nurses such as pregnant mothers, pediatric, adult trauma.

Skill Stations:

  • Trauma nursing process teaching stations
  • Airway and ventilation interventions teaching stations
  • Spinal protection, helmet removal, and splinting

Since the schedule for TNCC is so intense, before taking it, it is highly recommended to precisely know the information of the date, time, location, and other things needed to be noticed.

Upon the completion of the TNCC, passing the examination, and skill stations steps assessment, the nurses are deserved to get certificate. TNCC nursing certification let them hold a four year valid certificate that promotes their certified knowledge and competencies upon the TNCC completion. A hospital in Missouri that offers the TNCC nursing certification is collaborated with ANCC magnet recognition program that recognizes health care organizations or hospitals for quality care to the patients, nursing expertise and innovations in nursing so that the program offered is guaranteed as good quality TNCC nursing certification.

Whether the nurses took the TNCC in California, Missouri, or any other places, upon the completion of TNCC, they are expected to be able to:

  • Identify the methods in emergency nurses that closely related to trauma.
  • Identify and take care of some injuries.
  • Determine the best procedure to take care of the patients.
  • Design and manage the implementation of traumatic patients’ health care and treatment.


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