School Nursing Certification in Pennsylvania

School Nursing Certification – Children of families in Pennsylvania are just like children in any part of the world who go to school. Many of them become elementary school students, junior high school students, and senior high school students. This fact will let the parents relax knowing that their children will get health facilities through school nursing. Although they have money to take their children at least for medical checkup, they may not have time to do it. Thus, school nursing can be really useful in this way.

As nursing will never ever be just like trivial thing in the world, it strongly effects how people got the service will live, somehow nursing is serious job to be done. Despite the fact that school nursing is not crucial nursing compare to other nursing like emergency or radiology nursing, school nursing certification may be taken by school nurses who want to perform high commitment to the children’s health betterment.

School Nursing Certification Programs

School Nursing Certification Programs

There are more than 5 universities in Pennsylvania which offer school nursing certification. Most of them offer master degree certification but undergraduate degree is also offered. The prerequisite they ask is very different one to another. If people want to see closer, the school nursing course duration is also different before they are eligible for school nursing certification grant. Instead of nothing really similar one to another, the courses needed to be taken are somehow aiming same purpose of some competencies.

  • School nurse and the exceptional children
  • School nurse practicum
  • Communication skill improvement
  • Education and cognitive development towards children and adolescent
  • Legal mandates
  • School Nursing theory
  • Advocacy issues within the education
  • School nurse seminar
  • Educational psychology, and some more.

By those courses, school nursing education or school nursing certification can lead a complete package of school nurses who are reliable to take care of the children. Unlike adults, children has naive and innocent mind about everything include their health or deal with something they think it is dangerous but in fact it is may be needed for them. Through these course offers, school nursing certification will let the school nurses ready for such thing. They are soon or later learn how to deal with the children or giving medication and the health care well.

Every phase of life will pass children stage. With school nursing offered by some universities in Pennsylvania, for those who are interested or willing to take advance skills in school nursing and they live in or nearby the Pennsylvania, it is something more than a good chance to get school nursing certification.


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