School Nursing Certification as Self Motivator in Taking Care of Children

School nurses job is providing health counseling, health care upon the students and staffs, community of chronic illness, and disabilities by the help of school administrators. They are encouraged to develop and implement health plans, health care and treatment, and educate the teachers to provide proper care. School nurse also find some difficulties to take care of children who are normally in unstable mental state. Therefore, school nurse is probably good to have close and intimate relationship with them to be able to give exact care for their sake. Unless, taking care of children who do not really understand about health and health care for their goodness become hardship to face. Further, not only work in one background of school, school nurses has opportunity to work at public or private schools, vocational, alternative, or early stage schools which somehow will bring many diversity to the problems ahead. As the way out to deal with the issue, it is a best way for taking school nursing certification to get them self together so they can overcome any difficulties.

School nursing certification has been expected to:

  • Have wide and broad knowledge relates to pediatric, public health, and mental health nursing.
  • Understand well the school law and policy.
  • Have the leadership quality
  • Have ability and competency to work independently yet corporate with some people in different backgrounds.
  • Be able to have good interpersonal skill in having relationship with students or children in this case, general students who may have different problem and personality which will be difficult to be taken control.

Generally, school nursing certification is made to prepare the nurses to encounter various problems of children who are differently unique with their in growing process. It makes them more difficult to understand by adult. Therefore, usually there are some seminars and training which talk about school nursing. It is one of good alternative for the nurses to be aware of their work which is will take care of dynamic issues of developing problem of growing children.

Still in the things deal to unpredictable and keep developing problem deals with children or students who are in their explorations stage, those health issues, problem can be various to be taken care, school nursing certification by also mastering some other nursing specialty is considered enough to give self confident and self motivation to help them to face a better life quality.


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