SANE Certification Examination in Maryland

SANE certification examination – Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner- Adult/ Adolescent (SANE-A) and Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner –Pediatric (SANE-P) certification in forensic nursing is meant to help the nurses in forensic nursing the standard validation process of self expertise or competency to give their best service to the patients or other parties who are beneficiary of the developed capability of the forensic nurses. Hence, SANE certification is a pathway to be the volunteer in the service betterment in nursing.

SANE certification examination done by a credentialing center or organization in Maryland is one of certifications done by some testing center of nursing certification. This technology collaboration with certification exam is a real proof of how nursing is a promising job in the future. More than 50 testing centers throughout the United States of America try to facilitate the nursing certification examination to be administered for their exam takers. However, some important things cannot be missed by the exam takers as their useful information.

Sane Exam Study Guide

Sane Exam Study Guide

SANE Certification Examination Application

  • The application methods are generally by email, fax, or mail.
  • For those who registered online, payment done by credit card.
  • The examination fee for the member is $275, $400 for non-member, $350 for international member, and $450 for international non-member.
  • The incomplete application may cause the revoke of the application.
  • Although the application fee is nonrefundable, the application fee minus $100 as administration fee will be refunded if the candidates of the examination fail to complete the requirement.
  • The payment confirmation will be sent after the application submission.
  • Cancellation of the application is not accepted after the deadline of application.
  • Notification of the examination schedule will be sent to the candidate’s email about 30 days before the testing window.
  • Testing center sites can be accessed through the website of the credentialing center.
  • Scheduling the examination is should be done within 7 days of the testing window ends.
  • The confirmation of the examination schedule should be printed and brought in the examination day.
  • The online system lets the examination takers to reschedule the examination up to five weekdays before the former testing date.
  • Tutorial of the computer based test is available through the provided link in the credentialing center of Maryland’s.
  • Preparation or some tips can be accessed through the website.
  • The number of examination questions and some outlines also can be found in their website or integrated available in the examination handbook that can be downloaded in the website.

I hope this short review about SANE Certification Examination help you, especially for you who live in Maryland.


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