Rehabilitation Nursing Certification Board in Illinois

Rehabilitation Nursing Certification Board – Rehabilitation nursing is a nursing that requires not only caring skill but also good communication skills to help the patients and the family to get also spirit and belief that rehabilitation nursing can really help them from physical disabilities or chronic illness. The rehabilitation nurses are encouraged to assist the patients to be able to adapt to their disabilities and slowly and convincingly help them to own their life back.  Rehabilitation nursing requires a commitment of the nurses for taking tender care towards the patients.

In Illinois for example, there is a rehabilitation nursing certification board which offers the rehabilitation nurses to be certified and assist them to get some improvement in their service quality. It is Rehabilitation Nursing Certification Board (RNCB) that facilitates the rehabilitation nurses to be certified. RNCB as a member of Association of Rehabilitation Nurses (ARN) offers the Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurse (CRRN) which help them certified nurses to prove their excellence and expertise by validating some qualifications and comprehensive skills and knowledge in rehabilitation nursing. RNCB organizes the examination and certification which is accredited by the Accreditation Board of Specialty Nursing Certification (ABSNC). Furthermore, RNCB is responsible to select the certification candidate upon the requirement completion and employ some people in charge to take control of it. Not only the certification itself, people who wish for renewing the certification can do it through RNCB.

The Rehabilitation Nursing Certification Board

The Rehabilitation Nursing Certification Board

Rehabilitation Nursing Certification Board Information

  • How to register, that let people know about the eligibility, application deadlines, and some other information in the candidate handbook.
  • Examination schedule
  • Find a location, will help people, the nurses, or exam takers to find location outside the Illinois also which is available in their representative test center nearby. This location can be found from Seattle to Orlando.
  • Test Preparation, such as test taking tips and sample test.
  • And they also offer practice test people, nurse, or the exam takers can buy.

Just like some other credentialing board, rehabilitation nursing certification board let the certified rehabilitation nurses get some benefit of the certification.

  • Uphold the self confidence of the nurses that their competencies have been certified and endorsed by the RNCB.
  • The nurses are authorized to perform rehabilitation nursing and well tested in their knowledge and skills relate to rehabilitation nursing such as well communication, restoration, and maintenance.
  • Achieved the recognition of the standard of rehabilitation nursing that have comprehension capacity in rehabilitation nursing.


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