Psychiatric Nursing Certification Develops Some Competencies

Psychiatric Nursing Certification – Psychiatric nursing or also known of mental health nursing is a specialty in nursing for those who are willing to work with children, teenagers, adults, and elder people in which social sensitivity and long relationship are needed to be built. It also requires the psychiatric nurses to work in inpatient and outpatients nursing. Psychiatric nurses have main job to asses and organize mental health of their patients, and educate their patients who have health issues like persistent mental illness, life crisis, cancer diagnosis, and sudden blindness.

Psychiatric nurses are required to develop health care plan, implement, evaluate and asses on those issues based on the nursing diagnoses, do the medication, and monitor the outcome. As the result, psychiatric nurses should develop some skills or knowledge to be able to perform satisfying service. For instance, good communication skills is needed to be able to have close relationship with the kids patients who may able being nicely controlled or taken care by people they know well. Psychiatric nursing certification can facilitate the nurses to get the certification in this field of nursing to later on be able handling greater responsibilities that may come up along the work.

Therefore, psychiatric nursing certification prepares the psychiatric nurses to:

  • Asses, diagnose, and treat the patients with psychiatric disorder by therapeutics skills.
  • Provide the prescription of medication and administration of psychotherapy.
  • Promote quality improvement of psychiatric health care service.
  • Help to promote health care reform.
Psychiatric Nurse Certification Study Guide

Psychiatric Nurse Certification Study Guide

In order to be able to result nurses with those qualification, psychiatric nursing certification tries to develop some skills and competencies such as:

  • Verbal skills especially in giving instructions and guidance
  • Non verbal skills in understanding the body language may be made by the patients to be able to analyze the things may not be uttered or unrealized by both the patients itself or the nurses.
  • Good communication
  • Close relationship development
  • Adaptability
  • Diagnosing ability
  • Medication procedures
  • Therapeutic communication technique.
  • Problem solving skills
  • Educator skill to educate patients or the family about what may concern them towards the needed healthcare.

Those competencies mastered by the psychiatric nurses as the demand of the pursuit of psychiatric nursing certification. Nevertheless, psychiatric nursing certification it selves can be consisted of licensed practical nurse, registered nurse, advanced practice nurse, and specialization of psychiatric nursing, relate to this specialization nursing is PMHN or Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing which hold the highest level among those level of psychiatric nursing.


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