Progressive Care Nursing Certification Steps

Progressive Care Nursing Certification – Progressive care unit working area is with patients who are in progressive health condition, being more or less acute. This area of working also sometimes can be included into critical care nursing. More specific, progressive care nursing is a special term addressed by AACN (The American Association of Critical –Care Nurses). This progressive care working area also varies from direct observation stepdown, intermediate care, telemetry, and transitional care units.  Almost all specialization, field, or work area in nursing encourages the nurse to pursue a higher self confidence, improve skill and knowledge, better career, open wider job opportunity, and of course more satisfying salary. Upon goal, a nurse work in progressive care may take progressive care nursing certification.

Like other certification process or procedure that can be seen in other field or nursing area, progressive care certification also has the requirement before the examination in obtaining certification. Therefore, it is very important to be able to meet the qualification demanded. Also, each trivial thing to the examination and the certificate grant should be done properly. It will only loose the breathe if the nurse who wish for taking the certification miss a thing in making the way for being granted the certificate. So it is better to prevent and prepare for the certification rather than fail and resubmit the requirement or retake the exam.

Progressive Care Nursing Certification Course

Progressive Care Nursing Certification Course

Step by Step Progressive Care Nursing Certification

First step, the nurse of the progressive care nursing certification candidate requires some qualification such as having active and valid license of registered nurse and practice in the related field for more or less 1750 hours within two years.

Second, after completing the requirement, complete the application and submit it.

Third, upon completion of registration, you should do a payment which will cost you around $175 for or $255

Fourth, it is highly recommended to learn the test handbook and review on the website. Even sometimes example test or test plan is provided to know well which material will be assessed.

Fifth, upon the test completion, the result can show whether someone’s fail or pass the exam and granted the certificate. For the exam takers who do not pass the first test, there is a chance for taking retest.

This progressive care nursing certification can be granted to those who can pass the exam. Once this progressive certification is granted, the certified nurse of progressive care is able to demonstrate comprehensive and professional progressive care nursing. In the very crucial health care can be performed, those who already take this certification are highly confident to perform the best treatment.


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