Perinatal Nursing Certification

Perinatal Nursing Certification – Perinatal nurses greatly contribute to childbearing patients and perinatal care. They are meant to work in the partnership with the childbearing patients’ and the family to support and prevent unwanted issues. Perinatal nurses will mainly help the patients with their pregnancy. Therefore, mother and perinatal nurses should be precisely careful in controlling things. As the professional relied on in this natal nursing, they are encouraged to educate the mother about pre-natal health, the birth option, what they should do, techniques, tips, and things ahead will happen. Baby as the focus of perinatal nursing is an important nursing focus. Miss a step in conducting safe procedure will possible bring dangerous harm to the baby. As the result, the perinatal nurses are strongly supported to take perinatal nursing certification to gain some more professional competencies in giving ultimate service.

Take example of perinatal nursing certification in America held by American Nurses Credentialing Center, perinatal nursing certification exam is retired and no longer available for accreditation. However, there are some universities that still provide the certification upon completion of the perinatal nursing program. Not losing the credential value in the nursing, perinatal courses combine both theoretical and clinical competencies. The perinatal nursing courses encompass:

  • Individual and family development
  • Phsychological concepts
  • Role development
  • Psychosocial events
  • Health problems during the childbearing
  • Family adaptation
  • Research
  • Obstetrical nursing
  • Introduction to perinatal nursing
  • Pathophysiology
  •  Antepartum nursing
  • Intrapartum nursing
  • Neonatal nursing
  • Perinatal nursing practice
  • Breastfeeding
  • and other clinical practices that can complete their comprehension towards perinatal nursing.
Perinatal Nurse Practitioner Program

Perinatal Nurse Practitioner Program

After the completion of the courses, they will get complimented outcome that will make them to be able to:

  • Deliver their expertise and competency to give good service to the childbearing
  • Tranquilly taking control of perinatal nursing such as assessing, planning, implementing, administering, and evaluating perinatal care
  • Having good quick response to the perinatal nursing.
  • Reliably promote the safe childbearing and breastfeeding.

As the result, the job opportunity and other benefit may come after the perinatal nursing certification:

  • They can work in some various settings such as maternity clinical nurse specialist, nurse manager, ambulatory care nursing unit, and development staff.
  • They can work in some various workplace settings such as breastfeeding clinics, community health care department, and home health care clinics.

As the dynamic the population of human grows, perinatal nursing need in the world will also come along. There is no worry of the perinatal nurses to the job vacancies they can apply.


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