Pediatric Nursing Certification Examination in Maryland

Pediatric nursing certification examination in Maryland is a CPN (Certified Pediatric Nurse) certification exam originally administered by PNCB (Pediatric Nursing Certification Board) to validate and promote the pediatric nurses’ competency in pediatric nursing by making them to be best pediatric nurses with some qualifications such as health issues assessment, acute and chronic disease management, health promotion and restoration of the children, adults, and their families. In addition, by the technology contribution into the examination, this examination can be taken by people outside Maryland too. They provide computer based test which can be taken in some of their testing centers spread out in the United States. Therefore, upon the pediatric nursing certification examination, all the certification exam takers should have sharp eyes and precise steps in preparing the examination.

This nursing certification in Maryland is openly help people or exam takers anywhere they are by providing useful information through the website. One of the useful information in the website which needed to be study seriously is that CPN exam content outline. This outline really helpful to narrower the exam takers mind what material or content of the examination will be and PNCB also stated that the questions may also need critical thinking instead of only using the knowledge.

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Certification Exam

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Certification Exam

  • Assessment

This assessment encompasses physical assessment such as the child’s growth parameter, nutritional status, functional status, and physiological status, family or psychosocial assessment,

  • Health promotion

The pediatric nurses is expected to identify the factors of the child or the patients’ health then plan and design the health promotion such as immunization or dental care.

  • Management

Manage the illness by some procedures relate to blood, body, fluid, line, tube, nutrition, nutrition support, therapies, skin and wound care, etc., and manage behavioral and chronic care to help them to recover well and avoid them from worse condition.

  • Professional role

The pediatric nurses can have a role as an advocate for the child and family so they need to have a better communication and interpersonal skill to assist them to get best service.

As the qualification has been upgraded to be standard in the pediatric nursing through the certification, the certification will surely bring some benefits such as:

  • Improve the self competency then later on will improve self confidence and good service to the patients
  • Bring better job opportunity
  • Help the hospital to promote a high quality service for the children and their health statistic as well.


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