Parish Nursing Certification in Indiana

Parish Nursing Certification – Parish Nursing is known as faith community nursing. It is professional nursing that focuses on the holistic nursing care within the religion community. Parish nursing deals with health issues, healthy lifestyle education, and some illness, that faith on their religion will take part. Parish nursing tries to strengthen the body, mind, and thought by the love of the God’s which will empower the patients. Similar to the general holistic nurses, holistic nurses can take part on relaxing mind and taking care of body health. With similar responsibility to holistic care nursing, parish nursing certification is needed for some purposes.

This parish nursing certification is intended to take a higher level of parish nursing quality. The certification result is expected to take the certification candidate to improve their knowledge and skills which can be related to their faith. Then, take an example of university that provides parish nursing program in Indiana. University of Southern Indiana offers program curriculum that consists of spirituality, professionalism, holistic care and community.

The curriculum offered is the breaking down subject in the parish nursing. Reflected to the curriculum offered, University of Southern Indiana has purposes to educate the students of integrated concepts between faith and health of the faith community, demonstrate the knowledge and skills in the nursing practices. In order to achieve the objectives, some methods of learning have been improved. The students have chance to learn from experienced parish nurses and experts who have experienced parish nursing or closely related to it. Furthermore, the subjects delivery methods are various from manual module study, electronic or internet based materials and course assignments, computer conference, to telephone consultation.

Parish Nurse Certification Program

Parish Nurse Certification Program

Indiana Wesleyan University is another university that offers education of parish nursing. For those who complete the IWU nursing certificate will be able to show their competency in providing congregational planning, implementation, assessment, and evaluation of nursing care in holistic nursing within the faith community, advance the parish nursing part in the wellness maintenance and illness prevention, and many more.

However, to be registered in Indiana Wesleyan University and complete program, the student candidates should be meet the qualification and prerequisite the university demands. The registration and the courses are offered online that may ease the pathways in getting the parish nursing certification. Bear in mind that, parish nurses has roles to be fulfilled as their job in giving service for a certain faith or religion community. It is become different nursing compare to other which faith of the patients will take part in their health.


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