Orthopedic Nursing Certification Board in Illinois

Orthopedic Nursing Certification Board in Illinois is ONCB (Orthopedic Nurses Certification Board). This certification board administers a certification exam for the nurses who would like to pursue a certificate on orthopedic nursing. Orthopedic nursing tries to assist the nurses to have a validation of their knowledge and expertise for orthopedic nursing patients. The Orthopedic Nurses Certification Board in Illinois makes the board accredited by the ABSNC (Accreditation Board for Specialty Nursing Certification) and work together with AMP (Applied Measurement Professionals, Inc.) test vendor and NAON (National Association of Orthopedic Nurses) to build best certification board in Illinois. There are also ONC ®, ONP-C® and OCNS-C® certification programs.

Being able to be accessed by people outside Illinois, ONCB also has a website that well informs the people about the orthopedic nursing certification. Different with some website provided by the nursing certification board commonly found, this website will let the people to find it fast menu to access important link such as:

  • FAQs general information and recertification
  • ONC ®, ONP-C® and OCNS-C® candidate handbook
  • ONC® and APN recertification application
  • Online practice module application
  • ONC® and APN recertification requirement
  • Learning needs self assessment
Orthopedic Nursing Certification Board

Orthopedic Nursing Certification Board

And some more link given in the find it fast menu.

Not only that, ONCB also give people better opportunity to make them comfortable by updating their application addresses and emails online. In addition, the payment is available with some options such as by personal check, company check, cashier’s check and some other payment by credit card. Orthopedic Nursing Certification Board in Illinois provides annual scholarships, which is one of the scholarships will be given to NAON member and to non AON member that will cover full cost of testing. The ONCB also give the exam description and test specification that can be seen in the website, a test review, and even the retest discount also given when the exam takers fail in their exam. However, for those who got the retest invitation from AMP, there are things to be prepared to be granted the retest discount.

Whether the exam takers are in Illinois or not, the nurses who are wishing for an orthopedic nursing certification, ONCB will be able to provide the certification exam in the nearest testing center by the network of AMP in providing testing center throughout the United States. Still, there are preceded procedures to be done in locating themselves for the certification exam.

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