Oncology Nursing Certification Corporation in America

Oncology Nursing Certification Corporation is non-profit organization that supports oncology nursing in developing and administering certification. Oncology Nursing Certification corporation in America try to provide some proficiency and advanced competency of oncology nurses to give professional patient care upon developed knowledge and skills. With the collaboration with Oncology Nursing Society and ONS foundation, they offer some certifications in oncology nursing such as:

  • OCN (Oncology Certified Nurse)
  • CPHON (Certified Pediatric Hematology)
  • AOCNP (Advanced Oncology Certified Nurse Practitioner)
  • AOCNS ( Advanced Oncology Certified in Clinical Nurse Specialist)
  • CBCN ( Certified Breast Care Nurse)
  • AOCN (Advanced Oncology Certified Nurse)
  • CPON (Certified Pediatric Oncology Nurse)

Oncology Nursing Certification Corporation also has code of ethics policy that sets some value of the certification, ethical principles, and criteria of certified nurses who are able been assessed. Those values are:

  • Integrity of professional and ethical behavior.
  • Innovations in testing and thinking.
  • Stewardship of fiscal responsibility.
  • Advocacy on behalf of people in ensuring their life quality.
  • Excellence in nursing practice.
  • Inclusiveness of culture and ethnics.
Oncology Nursing Certification Practice Test

Oncology Nursing Certification Practice Test

Furthermore, generally the nurses who are certified by Oncology Nursing Certification Corporation may have good integrity.

  • Having self confident of their own skills and competency through the certification accredited their capability.
  • Protecting the patients’ rights and safety by performing correct procedures.
  • Having Professionalism in doing their jobs.
  • Appreciating their own hard work being certified and motivating themselves to always develop their professionalism.

As Oncology Nursing Certification Corporation commitment, for the certified nurses, they also:

  • Give monetary bonus for certification renewing.
  • Add credentials to the badge of the certified nurses’ name.
  • Host some events that highly appreciate the certified nurses.
  • Open wide the opportunities for the certified nurses to participate in some developing activities.
  • Support the certified nurses to keep doing their good job by promoting them by some means such as publishing the certified nurses’ name in the newsletter.

Even, Oncology Nursing Certification Corporation gives details to ease in contacting them. There are phone number, toll-free, fax number, e-mail, and the address of the office. Those are the means provided by the ONCC to facilitate the nurses or people who want to know more about oncology nursing certification. Oncology Nursing Society as a professional organization of oncology certified nurse promotes Oncology Nursing Certification Corporation as the credentialing organization which is collaborated one to another. As the conclusion, many information, value, facts, advantages, and support are given by ONCC as the trusted and excellent certification corporation in America.

image: congress.ons.org

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