Occupational Health Nursing Certification in Illinois

Occupational Health Nursing Certification – Different with other nursing, occupational health nursing independently take care of people who work at hospitals or another health care departments by observing and assessing their health status. They are relatively works closely with the employee:

  • Recognizing, identifying, and preventing health problem such as injuries and illness.
  • Monitoring the health status of the employee.
  • Maintaining the employers’ health by developing some health care and safety programs.
  • Educating the employee to be responsible of their health for instance by exercise, not smoking, weight watch, and other healthy habit that possibly can be done by everyone.

To be able to take the challenge, they need to take the occupational health nursing certification to be able to do full and high quality performance of occupational health nursing. American Board for Occupational Health Nurses, Inc which is based in Illinois can be one of certification board that can grant the certificate. For those who are still questioning the benefit of taking occupational health nursing certification, there are few benefits that will ensure the nurses to be certified in this nursing:

  • Certification demonstrates more advanced self quality.
  • This certification enriches the knowledge about disease management.
  • The certification in occupational health nursing can help other people who work in health care service to keep them healthy.
  • Having special position in the workplace to monitor and eagerly encouraged to optimize the workmate’s productivity and give good service to the patients.
  • Certification certainly promotes a developed career especially a career that potentially respected by other workmates.
Occupational Health Nursing Certification Programs

Occupational Health Nursing Certification Programs

However, for being able to do so, they have to be competent in doing their job relates to:

  • Environmental health
  • The employee’s health care, treatment, and follow up.
  • Injuries, illness, and disease management.

Further, occupational health nursing can work as clinicians, educators, corporate director case managers, and consultant. Regardless whether influenced where the occupational health nursing certification board located in Illinois, the occupational health nursing in Illinois seem develops well. Even more, the annual salary average is $63, 472.

American Board for Occupational Health Nurses, Inc offers two kinds of Occupational health nursing, COHN (Certified Occupational Health Nurse) which is more specific in clinical care, and little about advisor and coordinator roles, and case manager, while COHN-S (Certified Occupational Health Nurse-Specialist) will be more specific in the management, education, consultation, and case management.

On top of that, as ABOHN holds the certification examination by computer based test, nurses of occupational health nursing outside Illinois who intend taking the certification can take the certification exam through 190 sites throughout the United States that is maybe nearest to their home.

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