Nursing Certification Exams

Nursing Certification Exams – It is been known widely that nurse as very important role in hospital beside of doctor. Nurse takes some role which doctor may be unable to do and vice versa. Since nurse does the treatment after the procedure has been decided by the doctor, nurse will also have responsibility of the success of it. To be able to prove her qualification as reliable nurse, nursing certification exams will help to answer it.

Nursing certification exams with some specialty or category certification to be gained will may different in the material to be tested. However, there are some general ideas about nursing certification exams. The first step to be done is making sure whether you are eligible or not to take the exam. As the basic criteria to meet in order to be able to take the exam, you need to have valid Registered nurse license, have two years of full time work as registered nurse, have minimum 2,000 hours work and completed 30 hours of education within last 3 years in the specialty nursing you are going to take the exam.  It can be different for each credentialing institution, and there may be additional requirement to be fulfilled. The fee for this exam is varying from 270 up to 390 US$.

Nursing Assistant Certification Exam

Nursing Assistant Certification Exam

Registered Nurse Certification Exam

After you are sure that you are eligible to take the exam, you can process your application into complete. This exam has some types like computer based test, paper and pencil testing, also testing outside one religion decided. Nonetheless, most of the nursing certification exams are computer based test which mostly can be applied during the year and let you take test during 90-day window at the time and take the exam at places you want. Before the test, it is recommended for the exam takers to prepare and read carefully the fact sheet of specialty certification will be taken, test content outline, and general testing and renewal book. Those all can be accessed by the website of the institution.

With approximately 3.5 hours of test, you will have about 175 numbers of questions to answer which consist of 150 scored questions and 25 non-scored questions for pre-test.  The result of the test will indicate whether you pass or fail. If you fail in the exam, you will be able to see evaluation of your answer. However, you are allowed to take retest after 60 days of your former test but during 12 months, you cannot take more than 3 times test.


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