Nursing Assistant Certification Eagerly Encouraged for Better Country

Nursing Assistant Certification – All people from all ages need a personal care when they are hospitalized. Although some specialty nursing has been prepared, the needs for more than healthcare treatment are strongly needed to perform daily task in helping the patients. It underlies the role of certified nursing assistant becomes prominent since they hold gold card for the betterment of the patient. They take important role for taking care of daily need of the patients. Then, why should they be certified? This basic question is always will be followed by classical answer which is to make all action is well thought throughout some procedure for best result.

Becoming a certified nursing assistant, the candidate should take a registration to college, hospital, or Red Cross offices which provide this nursing assistant certification. Like other education or training program, there are requirement to be completed before starting it. Once you enter the training or program, you will get more or less 75 to 160 hours of classroom course which will let them to learn about the duties and responsibilities as a certified nursing assistant, certified clinical externship that enable them to practice knowledge and skills have been obtained in the real world, and internship.

Nursing Assistant Certification

Nursing Assistant Certification

Those course and practice in gaining the nursing assistant certification is not merely something easily done due to big responsibility and role ahead. Thus, in the program, they will be supervised by licensed supervisor or health professionals. After the program, they are expected to be able to do routines from simple task to some vital treatment to patient such as:

  • Cleaning and keeping the hygiene of patient’s room and food
  • Feeding the patient
  • Positioning the patients for a treatment
  • Taking care a treatment with along the patient
  • Responding to the patient’s call
  • Monitoring the patient’s condition

As important as those roles above, it appears that nurse assist also asked to understand the needs of the patient and must be able to communicate to nurse or doctor. Therefore, communication skill will be very useful to be improved. They are required to have good listening, speaking, critical thinking, and quick response. As a matter of fact, nursing assistant certification is a jumping stone to look for a good developed and well skilful nurse assistant to help the hospital or any unit or purpose in healthcare field to perform better service for sick, incapable patient, or simply to make a betterment in every aspect.


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