Nursing Assistant Certification Offered in Maryland

Nursing certification board located in a certain region will more or less effect how people in the area think about the nursing certification, that likely will encouraged them know more about the nursing certification in their area. Maryland as one of region or state in the United States takes a part in this role in having Maryland Board of Nursing that offers some specialties of certification that nurses can choose. Then one of them is nursing assistant certification in which this nursing certification will help the nurse assistants. Since nursing certification offered in Maryland is a basic level of certification, they also provide additional certifications that also can be shown on the nursing assistant certificate such as GNA (Geriatric Nursing Assistant), HHA (Home Health Aide), CMA (Certified Medicine Aide), and Dialysis Technician. For the further information and the eligibility requirement of those additional certification may vary one to another.

The initial CAN certification fee is $20.00 and the renewal fee is $40.00 every two year. However, Maryland Board of Nursing also offers some scholarship for those who want to take the certification but want to get financial support. In the link given in the website, people may find the scholarship information. Some of the scholarship offered by the U.S Department of Education Federal Student Aid, Medi-Smart Financial Aid& Scholarship, society of nursing Sigma Theta Tau, and other websites that can lead to some scholarship sources.

The certification of nursing assistant certification in Maryland by Maryland Board of Nursing will be valid for two year and expires on the 28th day of the certificate holder’s birth month. Other additional certification expire dates will be the same as the CAN expired date and the nurses are not being charged for the GNA, Medicine Aide and Home Health Aide certification. Besides that, Maryland Nursing Board of Nursing can let the certified nurses in nursing assistant to be able to transfer their certification to other state by the verification form from the new state intended. Some amount of money should be paid to the Maryland Board of Nursing, and also the nurses who wish for it must find out whether they have to pay some money to the new state or not. On top of that, not only encouraging assistant nurses to be certified, through the certification, the certified nurses will have a better position in society and the place they work as well.  Furthermore, it will also open more job opportunities.

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