Nephrology Nursing Certification Commission in America

Nephrology nursing certification commission established in 1987. Nephrology nursing certification commission is a pioneer member of American Board of Nursing Specialties which preserves specialty certifications national peer review program. Nephrology nursing certification commission is independent yet collaborates with C-NET or known as Center for Nursing Education and Testing to administer the certification examinations since C-NET is a full-service testing corporation. Moreover, Nephrology nursing certification commission and ANNA (American Nephrology Nurses’ Association) work collaboratively in promoting and offering examinations, which the examinations are endorsed by ANNA. Nephrology nursing certification commission has goals to build up and implement the certification examinations of nephrology nursing, serve credentialing procedures which can increase the quality of health care the nurses can give, so that it can increase the safety and well recovery of the patients.

The Nephrology nursing certification commission provides some examinations in their service to the nurses who are willing to pursue a higher standard of better self improvement towards their nephrology nursing in a more specific field of nephrology nursing so they can perform the best service to the patients who need their help. The examinations are for being granted the certification of:

  • CNN, Certified Nephrology Nurse
  • CNN-NP, Certified Nephrology Nurse-Nurse Practitioner
  • CDN, Certified Dialysis Nurse
  • CCHT, Certified Clinical Hemodialysis Technician
  • CCHT-A, Certified Clinical Hemodialysis Technician- Advanced
  • CD-LPN/LVN, Certified Dialysis LPN/LVN
Nephrology Nursing Certification Program

Nephrology Nursing Certification Program

Nephrology Nursing Certification Commission

Nephrology nursing certification commission realizes how important to be certified nurse; therefore, this commission provides a website that can be accessed by people who want to know about the Nephrology nursing certification. This website is informative website of Nephrology nursing certification commission which provides the reader some information of the examination from the eligible criteria, about the exam, even the examination schedule.

Not many certification board, credentialing center, or certification organization which can provide scholarship for the exam taker or nurse of the field relates to them. Fortunately, distinguished from them, Nephrology nursing certification commission can provide scholarship. Two of the scholarships offered by the commission are Barbara F. Prowant Nursing Research Grant and NNCC Career Mobility Scholarships. Besides to promote nursing research, Barbara F. Prowant Nursing Research Grant was established to honor Barbara F. Prowants for her contributions in nephrology nursing. NNCC Career Mobility Scholarship is give to qualified ANNA member in pursuing BSN or advanced degree in nursing. For those who are interested in applying the scholarship, it will be best to refer to the qualifications and requirements of the scholarship.


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