Maternal Newborn Nursing Certification Examination

Maternal Newborn Nursing Certification Examination – Taking care of women or mothers of the prenatal, neonatal, and postnatal period is one of some challenging nursing. Maternal newborn nurses are demanded to be knowledgeable and skillful upon holistic nursing, critical thinking, and communicating with the patients. For some nurses, they may come to think about getting the maternal newborn nursing certification to hold the higher standard of nursing. However, they sometimes stop till this intention since they do not have sufficient information about the maternal newborn nursing certification examination. To be certified, it is an undeniable pattern to be taken that they have to participate in an examination. The insufficient information of the examination is one of the failure factors in being certified. Hence, the nurses who wish for taking the examination should prepare themselves with information about the test itself.

Like any other examination, maternal newborn nursing certification examination also has general prerequisite:

  • Hold valid and active registered nurse license.
  • Completed about 2000 hours of nursing practice on maternal newborn nursing within more or less 2 years.
  • Complete the form or registration application.
  • Some additional requirement may be apply refer to each credentialing organization.
Maternal Newborn Nursing Certification Exam

Maternal Newborn Nursing Certification Exam

Type of Maternal Newborn Nursing Certification Examination

Due to the examination types, whether it is computer based testing or paper and pencil testing, there is the difference of open and closing registration, test location, and scheduling. After completing the registration, usually there will be receipt to be paid. The payment will lead to the examination information and verification. This thing should be taken precisely and do not miss the information.

For computer testing, examination will be executed via internet in some assessment center available and informed in their website or the examination handbook, some credentialing centers may also offer answer report so the exam takers can somehow review their answer. For paper and pencil test, because it is more intimate event with people in same and real circumstances of an examination which any of instructions will be delivered manually and directly, there are some stricter rules should be noticed. This certification examination form one credentialing center to another may different, but more or less the examination will take 2.5 to 3 hours with 125 to 175 numbers of questions.  In addition, there is no refund for the examination failure. They are given a chance to take retest that will charge for a cheaper fee though.

For maternal newborn nursing certification examination, the outline of the examination may become about maternal/ neonatal outcomes, postpartum asst & mgmt, and professional practice. Regarding to the maternal newborn nursing certification organization and the examination questions composer, it may vary over that outline.

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