Maternal Newborn Nursing Certification Exam

Maternal Newborn nursing certification exam is provided to assist maternal newborn nurses by providing documents to validate the knowledge and skill in the nursing. For nurses in Illinois who want to get the certificate, they can feel the encouragement since there is maternal newborn nursing certification board provided in their region. However, nurses outside Illinois also encouraged getting one because nowadays, the certification exam can be taken in some places nearby through the testing center network provided by the organization or corporation which has collaborative work with the certification board in Illinois. Nevertheless, taking the maternal newborn nursing certification is not a simple thing to be done. People may be so doubtful and nervous in making the application, through the hardship in collecting the documents to be submitted, and prepare the examination by buying some test review books for maternal newborn nursing certification exam.

Nurses who want to take the certification exam should already know that in examination handbook or candidate handbook, outline or blue print of the examination is provided. Below is general outline for helping those who are taking the maternal newborn nursing certification exam to give an overview about the examination material.

Maternal Newborn Nursing Certification Course

Maternal Newborn Nursing Certification Course

Overview of Maternal Newborn Nursing Certification Exam

  • Neonatal outcome factors (antenatal factors such as maternal health status, nutrition, obstetrical history, and intrapartal factors such as fetal heart rate, analgesics, and anesthesia, etc. )
  • Maternal assessment and management in postpartum period (physiologic and physical assessment, newborn feeding, and some vital things learnt such as cardiopulmonary, hematological, endocrine, postoperative care, breast engorgement, etc)
  • Newborn assessment and management (neonatal resuscitation and stabilization, thermoregulation, gestational age assessment, neurobehavioral sensory assessment, respiratory, gastrointestinal, musculoskeletal, etc)
  • Professional practice ( research, legal issues, patient safety)

Furthermore, some questions sample given about:

  • Identification of maternal newborn cases
  • The procedure and the effect of removing incubator
  • Maternal newborn terms
  • Blood pressure
  • Neonatal resuscitation procedure
  • Predisposing factor
  • Breastfeeding
  • Postpartum uterine
  • Maternal newborn nursing administration upon some study cases
  • Fetal heart rate

Since the outline of the exam is updated somehow, it is so much the better for the text takers to refer to the outline provided in the examination handbook for best study reference. Books for the examination also provided in the bookstore or online. However, the maternal newborn nursing certification exam is something more than reading a book but also the knowledge and the practice done during the years of nursing education that will automatically prepare them for this kind of test.

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