Maryland ANCC Nursing Certification

ANCC stands for American Nurses Credentialing Center is the subsidiary of American Nurses Association which promotes nursing quality in excellence and professionalism program of certification. ANCC nursing certification is provided to accredit the nurses of certain level of skills and knowledge, excellent care, and specialty expertise to contribute in the patients’ health outcomes. ANCC nursing certification also tries to empower the nurses with dignity, pride, and self confident of their professional certification.

ANCC main office is located in Maryland. However, since ANCC provides computer based testing that can be taken by people almost throughout of America, people in California, Texas, New York, Washington, or any other region in America can take the ANCC nursing certification. Not only that, ANCC also provides accessible things relate to their nursing certification. ANCC eases nurses who want to take the certification examination by online or email so people live outside Maryland can process the application easier. However, people live nearby Maryland and want to take other ANCC nursing certification can take different types of certification, which are Fundamentals of Magnet TM and Guided Care Nursing.

Fundamentals of Magnet TM certification offer an assessment- based certificate program. This certification compels the nurses to complete fundamental of magnet course prior to taking the ANCC assessment-based certification exam. Those who are successfully passing the exam will be rewarded the certificate in Fundamental of Magnet TM. ANCC will apply this assessment-based certificate programs to Institute for Credentialing Excellence for national accreditation.  Moreover, Guided Care Nursing certification is offered by the collaboration with the Institute for Johns Hopkins Nursing. This Guided Care Nursing certificate is received by those who completed the course and the exam.

Some of the ANCC nursing specialty certification are retired and only can be renewed, so nurses who want to take the certification should refer carefully to the website of ANCC. ANCC as good credentialing center provides integrated and informative website which provides very useful documents that can be downloaded. As the result, application documents to the renewal information can be accessed and downloaded by people in the Maryland itself or even other states or territories of the United States of America. ANCC nursing certification also provides certification renewal by mail or online. Regard to the renewal program, the nurses need to learn the requirements precisely.

When people know the certification center they need to go is out of their town or far-far away from their home, their willing to pursue a certification is taken away. Unlike that old fashion thinking, ANCC take steps forward to assist people to have their nursing certification in more comfortable way for people within the Maryland or even other places in the United States.

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