Legal Nursing Consultant Certification in Philadelphia

Nurses who are trained and educated on medical field that is related to consultation have good chances to pursue legal nursing consultant certification. After all, nurses who completed the legal nursing consultant certification have good knowledge and skills in assessing and evaluating the patients’ chart to minimize potential mistake upon them. They are also able to apply some medical and nursing knowledge and skills they got through the certification to provide correct procedure, efficient, and effective services to the patients. They also have the qualification to do so on the medical information and medical records.

To be able to help the legal nurse consultants to show their full commitment and competency, there are legal nurse consultant program offerings in Philadelphia by degree level. There are 4 private legal nurse consultation schools and 1 public legal nurse consultant. For instance, the Philadelphia legal nurse consultant schools are Drexel University, La Salle University, and Temple University. Drexel, La Salle, and Temple University are 4 year private universities that offer legal nurse consultant programs in master degree under the accreditation of Middle States Commission on Higher Education which will prepare the nurses with clinical experience, practical skills, and knowledge relates to legal nurse consultant.

Professional Legal Nurse Consultant Certification

Professional Legal Nurse Consultant Certification

People or nurses who are interested in legal nursing consultation or legal nursing consultant certification or even the program, open the website, can contact, or join Philadelphia Chapter of the AALNC which is the member of American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants. For this organization’s member, they will help to assist the nurses or legal nursing consultant nursing certification exam takers by giving them the opportunity to receive the newsletter, interact with the expert of legal nurse consultants, participate in the networking events, and some more.

However, for the nurses who cannot afford the master degree of legal nurse consultant, they can join legal nurse consultant certification. To let them have the right joining it, they have to meet the requirement of the certification. In joining the examination, American Association of Legal Nurse Consultant Board gives the opportunity for the exam takers to choose their examination site with about 300 CBT (Computer Based Test) sites to let them choose their test sites whether they want it near to their home.

As the result, legal nursing consultant certification is useful in Philadelphia since, after they can prove their excellence and competency in legal nursing consultant, they can work in various work settings such as hospitals, insurance companies, clinics, government offices, and maintenance organizations.


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