Home Health Nursing Certification for a Betterment of Home Health Service

Home Health Nursing Certification – Home health care nursing is a field of where the nurse may work outside of hospital. Home health care nurse works with patients in their homes. Mostly, people who need this service are people who are capable to go outside of their homes or more convenient to be taken care of health care in home environment. Those who are served this health care are elder people but sometimes children, and people who need a follow up treatment after recover for some medication from hospital. With this environment of work, it is possible for home health nurse to be more enjoyed doing the job instead of doing their job all day long or a week full in hospital.

The reason above underlies nurses to do their job as home health nurse. However, this work will require them to work with patients in a long term sometimes, assist and give good care of the patients in order to improve their independence physically and mentally, and lastly of course taking control of their medication. With those responsibilities will be faced, home health nursing certification will do. With taking home health nursing certification, they are confident to do some procedures and health care to the patients. As nurse who takes care of patients at home, home health nurse is encouraged to demonstrate their skill, ability, and proficiency in providing best care as nurses in hospital able to do.

Home Health Care Nursing Certification

Home Health Care Nursing Certification

Mainly, they need to:

  • Check and monitor the vital health signal and attributes towards the patients.
  • Take care of patients with disabilities and acute illness.
  • Educate the patients and family on the medications.

Those backgrounds of the need of best treatment can be offered by home health nurses pushed them certified by home health certification. To be certified health care nurse, a study or course of home health nursing should be completed. Some of institutions may provide it such as Health and Human Services Agency of State of California. However, home health certification nowadays cannot be obtained widely for some reasons.

In the website of American Nurses Credentialing Center mentioned that Home Health Nursing Certification examination is retired and no longer eligible for accreditation. The credential of the home health certificate can be renewed if some requirements can be met and there is no need to take test for the renewal. Since the initial home health certification is retired, nurse who wishes for obtaining a certificate can refer to more specific certification to field they are interested in.

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