Holistic Nursing Certification in Texas

Holistic Nursing Certification – Holistic nursing is also known as complementary health nurse. Holistic nursing can possibly use alternative medication and traditional medication or treatment is done besides western style medicine. However, it is also will trouble the nurses to do the medication if they do not really understand the correct procedure. Instead of taking only physical condition the patient as object of the medication, holistic nursing also try to bring a better condition of their mental and emotional. The medication or treatment can be done with such method like aromatherapy, acupuncture, or even massage. Thus, holistic nursing certification organization based in Texas will be able to help the nurses in holistic nursing to be certified and get the advantages.

Holistic Nursing Certification in Texas is provided by American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corporation which also makes collaborative work with AHNA (American Holistic Nurses Association) to facilitate and provide the certification. This certification is expected to bring some benefits for those holistic nursing who take the certification due to some reasons:

  • Certification requirement itself will let the exam takers candidate to provide and proof some initial expertise document or practice as the background knowledge to be eligible take the certification.
  • Certification grants the recognition of standard qualification and competencies of the holistic nursing for the exam takers who pass the examination.
  • Through the certification, it will make the certified holistic nurses to be more independent, responsible, and develop the quality of their service upon the certification pride.
  • The certified holistic nurses will be able to get a public acknowledgment that they have been through certification process and pass it successfully so that now, they are considered to have professional skills and competencies.
Holistic Nursing Certification Exam

Holistic Nursing Certification Exam

Holistic Nursing Certification Eligibility

However, as any holistic nursing certification in Texas is not different with any other certification held by other places. They also require some eligibility to be met by the exam takers to process their application. In addition, there are some documents to be completed together with the application. It is prior to know what documents to be submitted since documents may hard to gather since people are reckless putting them.

  • Completed application form
  • Self assessment form
  • Official academic transcript
  • Official graduation transcript
  • Letter of agreement
  • Continued education in holistic nursing document

Letting people who want to take the holistic nursing certification in Texas easier to submit the application, the application can be sent, faxed, or emailed. However, always refer to the information provided by the credentialing center.

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