Geriatric Nursing Certification in New York

Geriatric Nursing Certification РMost patients in hospitals are elderly people. The study learns about elderly people called geriatric. Although there is gerontology which relates very close to geriatric, people are asked to be able to differentiate it. Geriatric learns about elderly people and gerontology learns about the process of the elderly people’s aging. As the result, seemingly some of people or institutions identify geriatric in gerontology. However, geriatric nursing is also called as gerontology that there is no meaningful difference between both.

Geriatric nurses help elderly patients with some health issues, injuries, illness, or disease like dementia, arthritis, osteoporosis, Alzheimer, or cancer. They develop management of acute or chronic health problems. Although many of elderly people do not need hospitalization regarding their health conditions, geriatric nurses are still needed to take care of special diet of elderly people to prevent from some diseases, daily exercises, or other health habit education. As the result, this nursing demands a high level of responsibility to work with elderly people in general. Therefore, geriatric nursing or gerontology nursing certification is needed to take the challenge of the geriatric nurses to offer their best service.

Geriatric Certified Nursing Assistant

Geriatric Certified Nursing Assistant

Geriatric Nursing Certification Programs

In New York, gerontology nursing certification is provided widely in both in the work place and the school or university. This gerontology nursing certification offer in some institutions may happen as the high demand impact of geriatric nursing. Moreover, the institutions will help the geriatric nurses to improve, develop, and advance their expertise in gerontology. After the geriatric nursing certification, the nurses are able to:

  • Identify and assess the physical and mental needs of elderly people
  • Design and implement some plan towards the mental and physical ability of the elderly people.
  • Manage the medications
  • Educate the patients or the family of the patients of the medication, the health care, or some good habit for any potential health issues prevention
  • Monitor the planning outcome
  • Develop the health care plans

Not only the high needs of elderly people nursing in New York but also elderly people nursing in other places, geriatric nursing certification has become common nursing certification wanted by the nurses since this certification has not been as famous as other nursing certification. For those who are certified through geriatric nursing certification, they can work in hospitals, nursing homes, home health care services, rehabilitation facilities, or work collaboratively in various place settings with physicians, social worker, therapists, and other professional who work for the elderly people, especially in New York.


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