Forensic Nursing Certification Board in Maryland

Take an example of forensic nursing certification board in Maryland is IAFN (International Association of Forensic Nurses) in giving the certification towards forensic nurses by the collaborative work with the CNCF (Commission for Forensic Nursing Certification) as the successor to the FNCB (Forensic Nursing Certification Board) which has tremendous contribution for forensic nursing certification, especially in Maryland. By the confident of CNCF that forensic nursing requires wide knowledge, competence, and expertise in nursing practice, professional validation through certification will lift the qualified self competence of the forensic nurses which will bring benefit not only for the nurses and the patients but also people who relate closely with the patients and the nurses. With the forensic nursing certification, it is expected will promote high quality of standard forensic nurses.

With the work with CFNC, IAFN is able to provide SANE- A (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners- Adult/ Adolescent) certification and another certification provided is SANE-P (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners- Pediatric) certification which will enable the nurses to also participate in providing testimony in assisting the police to gather the evidence for the court process. Those certificates are valid for 3 years and enable to be renewed by continuing education and passing standard score on the certification exam. Moreover, with the collaborative work with ANCC (American Nurses Credentialing Center), IAFN offers certification via portfolio. This certification is AFN-BC (Advanced Forensic Nursing) become an alternative of forensic nursing certification examination which use peer review process informed by the senior expert nurses.

Forensic Nursing Certification Maryland

Forensic Nursing Certification Maryland

Such a good and high quality forensic nursing certification board in Maryland, International Association of Forensic Nurses has informative website that will inform useful information for the exam takers whether it is only general information, about the examination schedule and location, the examination handbook, and even scoring. As not many website provided by nursing certification board, IAFN provides some frequent Question and Answer webpage that will lead clueless exam takers with leading and clear certification information.

Those features or explanation about IAFN is maybe not enough to show the contribution made, however. To keep in mind, taking certification itself will prove the real contribution made by the IAFN since the participant or the certification will get the benefit such as:

  • The certified nurses will be able to identify and analyze the forensic evidence in the work place in a legal security status
  • ¬†Better communication skill towards the work team in a case to be done
  • Professional performance in the sexual assault examinations of adults and pediatric identification procedures


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