Director of Nursing Certification in Ohio

Director of Nursing Certification – American Association for Long Term Care Nursing in Ohio provides director of nursing in long term care certification. With some years experience in providing certification, AALTCN equip the nurses who are going to pursue the certificate with primary text, study guide, and directors of nursing core knowledge of:

  • Administration of a nursing department such as, standards, communication strategies, job description, procedures, etc
  • Managing and developing human resources such as, recruitment, discipline, staff development, and some management comprehensions
  • Resident care such as, assessment, planning, organizing, medication administration, etc
  • Quality Guaranty such as, reporting and tracking data and quality indications
  • Legal issues such as, risks and law understanding
  • Regulation

The Requirement to Take the Director of Nursing Certification

  •  A registered nurse without restricted issues of the license
  • Having minimum 2 years experience
  • Completed the independent study materials
  • Completed the registration fee
  • Passing the examination with at least 80{192d856ad0f4fb48c95d675ee6e446870db52261e8a35a3130d9ba9175cd0f60} of the score
Director of Nursing Certification Career

Director of Nursing Certification Career

As the contribution of American Association for Long term Care Nursing not only in Ohio, they also collaboratively work with other party or training institution and American Nurses Credentialing Center in providing the certification in order to promote the legal, competent, and professional nurses through the director of nursing certification. Some modules or textbooks are given to add some useful knowledge for them such as director of nursing skills, management, human resources management and development, employee relations, resident care, risk management and quality control, and regulations. Those supporting material books can give the overview, guidance, strategies, and understanding about director of nursing certification.

An example of institution that work together with AALTCN in director of nursing certification is Care to Learn online training that not only people in Ohio or Florida, Maryland or Illinois, but also people in the United States of America can take the course and gain the certificate. This training site or institution has unique course module in the director of nursing certification program. They are Administration of the Nursing Department in LTC Facilities, Leading and Developing Nursing Staff, Resident Assessment and Care and Creating a Safe, and Caring Culture.


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