Critical Care Nursing Certification in California

 Critical care nursing certification in California is widely managed by American Association of Critical Care Nurse (AACN) Certification Corporation which tries to deliver their commitment in helping the critical care nurses to reach goals and benefit in taking the critical care nursing certification in California and nurses in other places. AACN builds the standard of the nurses who pass the critical care nursing certification a professional competency of critical care nurses in taking care of acute and ill patients.

The critical care nursing certification in California run by the AACN also assists the nurses to show their contribution to the patient, family, and their workplace with qualification, knowledge, skills, competency, and expertise towards critical care nursing. Therefore, AACN Certification Corporation in California organizes, develops, and administers some critical care nursing and other certification for mainly acute illness certification.

  • Specialty certifications:

CCRN (Acute/ Critical Care Nursing (Adult, Pediatric & Neonatal)

CCRN-E (Tele-ICU Acute/ Critical Care Nursing for adult)

PCCN (Progressive Care Nursing for adult)

CNML (Nurse Manager and Leader)

  • Subspecialty Certifications:

CMC (Cardiac Medicine for adult)

CSC (Cardiac Surgery for adult)

  • Advanced Practice Consensus Model Based Certification

ACNPC- AG (Acute Care Nurse Practitioner or adult gerontology)

ACCNS (Clinical Nurse Specialist or adult gerontology, pediatric & Neonatal)

  • Advanced Practitioner Certifications

ACNPC (Acute Care Nurse Practitioner for adult)

CCNS (Acute Care Clinical Nurse Specialist for adult, pediatric & Neonatal)

In addition, AANC with a collaborative work with AONE (American Organization of Nurse Executives) provide CNML exam.

Critical Care Nursing Certification

Critical Care Nursing Certification

Critical care nursing certification administered by American association of critical care nurse Certification Corporation in California is aiming in making their best contribution in certifying the critical nurses due to their contribution to the patients who need them. As the result, the information offered by them is largely provided from the national office mailing address located in Aliso Viejo, California, operational hours, ways to contact national office of AACN by the website, email or even per division emails’’, customer service, AACN operator, AACN attendant, AACN fax, and even they put the link of the driving directions to the office in their website.

For those who always freak out of examination, critical care nursing certification administer by AACN provides some useful information to prepare the exam takers more in order to make them more relaxed. In the website, they give link of test plan, exam references, handful sample exam questions, self assessment exam, and exam review course (which some of them can be purchased in AACN online bookstore)

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