Candidate Handbook of Illinois Nursing Educator Certification

Lifting to a higher place of nursing educator is the ultimate benefit of nursing educator certification. By this certification, the nurses are prepared to have better self knowledge, skill, competency, and expertise in the specialized nursing. They will be distinguished as advanced nurse educator, considered as nurse educator who has assessed as good standardized nurse educator, professional nurse educator will bring professionalism atmosphere in everywhere they work. Therefore, the nurses should be thankful to NLN in Illinois which can provide the certification. NLN stands for League for Nursing provides Academic Nurse Education Certification Program (ANCEP) for the nurse educators who want to be certified.

The nursing educator certification in Illinois contributes not only in providing the examination but also the candidate handbook that fortunately useful for the exam takers. Instead of only providing it to the exam takers within Illinois, they provide it online through the website which is can be downloaded and reviewed by all people in the United States and even people around the world. This candidate handbook has been revised in October 2012 to replace the former candidate handbook. However, the revision of the handbook made for 2012 to 2013 candidate handbook for the nursing educator certification administered by National League for nursing academic nurse educator certification program.

The candidate handbook for the nursing educator certification consists of general information that encompasses the overview of all aspects of the certification such as value and goals of the certification, the definition of academic nurse education practice, requirements for the exam takers, certification, recertification, the Certified Nurse Educator Examination, test format, blueprint of the test, helpful references, and sample questions. The applying for the examination encompasses fee of the examination, verification, and confidentiality agreement, deadline of the application. Then, examination administration which includes examination schedule, testing center locations, cancellation and weather factor of the emergency situations, furthermore; following the examination that explain how to behave and to do or not to do during the examination such as identity, identification of the test taker identity, examination restrictions, examination time allocation, misconduct, and sufficient information about scoring and the score report. The other content in the candidate handbook are policies that will elaborate the refund policy, ethics, and the certification of CNE authorization implementations, and special forms which include duplication and certification withdrawal.

Candidate handbook provided by any credentialing or certification corporation is always made to give better understanding about the certification. On the other hand, not all candidate handbooks can be read in advance before they pay the examination fee.

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