Addictions Nursing Certification Board in Kansas

International Nurse Society on Addictions in Kansas is the parent organization of Addictions Nursing Certification Board. People will never always able to access Addictions Nursing Certification Board directly instead they will be guided to the International Nurse Society on Addictions (IntNSA) first. Addictions Nursing Certification Board offers two certifications; they are CARN (Certified Addictions Registered Nurse) and CARN-AP (Certified Addictions Registered Nurse- Advanced Practice) certification. Those certifications offered by Addictions Nursing Certification Board (ANCB) in Kansas will request other requirements differently one to another.

The certification Examination consists of multiple choice of addictions nursing especially the physical conditions of the addictions nursing patients through the nursing for the CARN and CARN-AP examination will more focus in specific issues regarding the addictions issues such as ethical issues, drug addictions work in the body of the addicted people.

The certification done by computer based test that can be taken by people out of Kansas since IntNSA collaboratively works with AMP that provides the test development and test services of Addictions Nursing Certification Board in Kansas. With AMP assessment center network, they can provide 200 sites test location across the United States. People or exam takers or nurses who wish for taking addictions nursing certification but out of Kansas, they can be comfortably take the certification examination near their place.

The addictions nursing certification board in Kansas has high commitment to widely offer the addictions nursing certification for all people outside of the United States of America by the collaborative work with AMP in providing international test with an extended web-based network that offers in over 80 locations of more than 30 countries. However, whether examination held with the United States of America or international, ANCB has the passing score standard to be met by the exam takers. They have to be able to pass 75 percent of the score in the examination that will take about six weeks until the result can be announced.

As any other certification board, Addictions Nursing Certification in Kansas, also offer a cheaper examination fee for their members. For CARN examination fee of the IntNSA members will cost $195 and $335 for new member and $395 for non member. CARN-AP examination fee for IntNSA member will cost $295 and for the new member is $435 and the non member of IntNSA, it will cost $495. Nevertheless, since membership can also be done by people outside the Kansas, if becoming IntNSA member will take benefit than disadvantages, the exam takers may done the membership long ago before the examination.

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